Cooperative Telephone

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Our town has many business that stand out and Coop-Telephone is one. They provide internet, cable and phone service to the surrounding area including the school. Many business need the high + speed internet connections. No matter what your communication needs are the Coop-Telephone Company has the equipment, capacity and ability to fulfill your requirements.
Coop=Telephone - Victor Iowa
Coop Telephone Web Site

Cooperative Telephone Company is your closest connection for all your communication needs. We offer a wide variety of services to help you and your business succeed. Whether it’s helping you be more productive in the present or helping you prepare for the future, the Cooperative Telephone Company is ready to meet your needs.


• Business Services

   o Data Services

        - Metro Ethernet

              • Simplify your network by extending your local area network (LAN) beyond a single location

              • Flexible bandwidth options

              • Extremely flexible to grow with your business needs

        - MPLS

              • MPLS is a highly scalable, protocol agnostic, data-carrying mechanism

        - Frame Relay

              • Frame relay is a proven technology for applications that require less bandwidth but maintain a high level of security

        - Wifi

              • Point-to-Point

   o Highly customizable solutions to provide connectivity in both the remote or high cost locations

              • Multi-Point (Wireless LAN)

   o Providing a wireless hot spot is an excellent way to attract new customers and ensure current  

                customer keep coming back

        - aDSL

              • Provide an extremely cost effective and reliable internet connection

        - VPN / VRF

              • SSL/Remote Access

   o Save time and money with the ability have telecommuting employees

   o Provide network services ( File/Print/Email/Voice/etc) to remote workers

              • Site-to-Site

   o Connect multiple sites with a highly secure direct connection

   o Easily scale to match the business needs

              • Layer 2

   o Extend connectivity between multiple locations without the overhead of a layer 3 network.

   o Provide a simplified network design by doing more with less

        - SONET

              • Designed to carry large volumes of traffic over relatively long distances on fiber optic cabling

        - Fiber to the Premise*

        - Co-Location

              • Colocation is a hosting option for small businesses who want the features of a large IT

                department without the costs

        - IT consulting

              • Residential Wireless

              • Commercial Wireless

   o Voice Services

        - PBX/Key Systems

        - Structured Cabling

        - Voicemail

        - iWireless cellular reseller

   o Video Services

        - IPTV Business service

        - IPTV Residential service

              • Whole home DVR o Special Offers

        - Bundled services discount


*Not available in all areas


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